‘Who hasn’t been data breached?’

Roadshow rolling through town

2016-02-15 15-31-20 Ekran görüntüsü
By Laurens Bammers*

On Tuesday February 16, the International Data Corporation (IDC) IT Security Roadshow took place in Istanbul. The annual event aims to bring together data security experts and corporate leaders to discuss the cyber-attack problems Turkey faces.
The roadshow is in town so we can all be assured that our personal data is a bit more safe on the internet for the next few months. Turkey is the worldwide champion of cyber-attacks. Today’s Zaman reported a six percent increase in cyber-attacks in Turkey in comparison with a 68 percent decline in the global average in the second quarter of 2014.


The event featured speakers from IBM, Turkcell, Microsoft, Cisco and many more. They talked about the threat a bad security system can pose and how to deal with it. Several speakers agreed that it is better to prevent than to solve a security threat.

Many hackers will exploit the lack of monitoring on a company’s network so it often takes months to discover an intruder. It can even take years. Often network managers will take action against known threats, but not look for unknown ones.

Patrick Grillo from Fortinet started his lecture by asking ‘Who hasn’t been data breached?

And why are these headlines about data breaches not changing?’ Grillo emphasised that now it’s cheaper than ever to cause a cyber-attack. So the industry has to change at the same speed as the hacker.

After 6 o’clock, there will be several panels with leading parties of the industry. More info at http://idc-cema.com/eng/events/62613-idc-it-security-roadshow-2016/7-overview.

Laurens Bammens, PXL Journalism student and he is Dağ Medya Intern during the 15 February – 3 June 2016



Post source : credit: https://localtvwhnt.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/databreach.png

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