Handover Dal ‘Lake restoration to UN under UNESCO world heritage site programme: Karra

SRINAGAR: Expressing surprise and dismay over the stoppage of funds
for the Dal lake conservation programme, senior PDP leader and Member
Parliament Mr Tariq Hameed Karra today accused NC-Congress coalition
government of striking at the very foundation of the vital
institutions in Kashmir.

"Having lost ground and people's trust, NC now seems to be hell bent
upon destroying everything in Kashmir," Mr Karra said in a statement
issued here today. Mr Karra said it is absurd that the government is
now planning to generate resources for operation and maintenance for
Dal conservation from Shikarawallas, houseboat owners and tourists
visiting the lake and other locals who derive their livelihood from
the water body.

He said if the government is not able to shoulder the responsibility
of Dal conservation, it should handover the job of restoration of the
lake to the United Nations under UNESCO world heritage site programme.

"If this government has done anything during the past five years that
is imposing back-breaking taxes on the people including massive hike
in power tariff and is now planning to impose taxes on Dal dwellers
for its maintenance," he said.

He said meaningful silence of the city-based NC legislators over the
recurring injustices and discrimination perpetuated by their
government with Srinagar and its inhabitants is the most intriguing
and disturbing thing.  "If the so-called political representatives of
this hapless city can't muster the courage to speak against the
injustices being meted out with Srinagar, whom do they expect to do
so?," Mr Karra said and added that people of this emancipated City
will show the NC legislators their right place next time they go
begging to them for votes.



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