Mass killing of 35000 Pashmina goats in Chenthong last year should not be taken lightly

Kashmir Society treats presentation of Pashmina Shawl by Narendra Modi to Nawaz Sharif as a good omen for trade

SRINAGAR:While addressing the large sections of prominent citizens, intellectuals and members of Kashmir Society the chairman Kashmir Society Khwaja Farooq Renzushah said that it was last year from March 11 to May 29 that the mass killing of Pashmina goats in Chenthong area and Indo-China border has happened which was revealed to the environmentalists of the world by our society.

All endeavors have been made by the concerned authorities to conceal this mass killing behind the veil of secrecy but after it was revealed by us that various environmental organizations started speaking on this tragic episode. However, the concerned authorities of textile, environment government of India took this environmental disaster which killed 35000 Pashmina goats of starvation very lightly.

Last year in our seminar in which various stake holders and tradesmen of Pashmina participated, the experts revealed that starvation death of these goats was due to restriction imposed to ban Shahtoos trade in Kashmir which also affected Pashmina as both trades remained synonymous from centuries. Even Kashmir Society campaign to malign Shahtoos and Pashmina trade through Idea advertisement also yielded positive results. Therefore Kashmir Society expects that the new minister of environment and textile will personally depute probe team to find reasons and causes of the deaths of 35000 Pashmina goats in Chenthong area.

Khwaja Farooq Renzushah said Kashmir Society treats it as a good omen that Prime Minister of India has presented Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl to
the visiting Prime Minister of Pakistan during his oath taking ceremony. This is a good omen for boosting all kinds of trade particularly age old trade of Shahtoos and Pashmina which is a symbol of our civilization.

He said that daughter of Nawaz Sharief, Maryam Nawaz Sharief  tweeted and acknowledged with gratitude the presentation of Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl by PM of India to his father Mr. Nawaz Sharief. He further said that large numbers of Kashmir Society members on twitter expressed their desire that all borders of Kashmir Conflict should be turned into the golden lines of trade and commerce so that crippled economy of state will be able to find a new life and come out from fringed ventilator.



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