Climb For The Bun – By Lily Cheung

Cheung Chau Bun Festival is a traditional festival in Cheung Chau Island. It is different from other festivals in Hong Kong. There is a unique competition during the festival. It catches a lot of Hong Kong peoples’ eyes. That is “Bun Snatching”. 

Lily Cheung

By Lily  Cheung /HongKong
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This is the most attractive activity in this festival. There are three huge “Bun Mountains” which are made by bamboo, tall 60-feet. People need to climb on it and get the more buns they can. People believe that if they can get the more buns, the more blessing from God they can receive. God will bless their families. So, people have an exciting competition every year.

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However, extreme pleasure is followed by sorrow. In May 1978, there was a serious “Bun Snatching” accident. One of the three Bun Mountains was collapsed, as there were so many people climbing on it at the same time. While it was collapsing, it hit another Bun Mountain, and it collapsed also. There were nearly 100 people injured in this accident. So, the government banded this competition until 2005.

Since 2005, Bun Snatching is different from the past. “Pi Ang” has been printed on every bun. “Pi Ang” actually means “Peace and Safe” in Cantonese. People hope no accidents will happen again.

Besides that, the rules of Bun Snatching are changed. There is two groups of competition. The first one is by individual (Males and females). The second one is by groups. Only 9 people can climb on the mountain at the same time. So, it can prevent the mountain will collapsed again.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival also provides a lot of making profits opportunities to businessmen in Cheung Chau Island. Buns, which has “Pi Ang” printed on it, mow become the must buy souvenir. There are different types of “Pi Ang” souvenir, like toys, key rings, snacks, etc.

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If you have chance to visit Cheung Chau Island in Hong Kong, don’t miss these interesting “Pi Ang” Buns.




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