‘Compromise in glamour world’- ‘it happens a lot in India’: Melica

‘Compromise in glamour world’- ‘it happens a lot in India’: Melica

NEW DELHI: For last few decades, making an entry into the Indian
glamour world has remained a centre of attraction for the talented
people living in other parts of the world and many such new face have
succeeded in it and even touched great heights of success, and Melica
Amina Miss Iran  CG Intel New York, USA, (2009)  is one more in the
line to try her luck by making her entry into the Indian glamour


Talking to Ajmer Alam Wani, Editor-in Chief, JK Monitor in New Delhi,
Melica claimed that she is sooner making her debut in the Indian
glamour industry but and at the same time she made some disclosures
putting a question mark on the Indian glamour industry and also
remained critic to few things in this industry, which are warning
signal for the new comers dreaming of entering the glamour world.

Melica described the people in Indian glamour industry more fake as
compared to others parts of the world. According to her, in Indian
glamour world, fake people are more as they lack knowledge about what
really showbiz is, TV is, acting and modelling is and they get
involved for other reasons.

“I am not talking just about men even from women”, she said and
advised that, if youngsters want to be in glamour world, they should
be talented enough, know singing, dancing and acting, that is what
exactly new comers should do and they should not do anything else.

When asked about what she means by anything else, she regretted that,
there is a wrong impression in the minds of youngsters that if they
compromise with Director or the Producer, they will make a success but
actually that is very wrong.

According to her this system is in Iran, Turkey and other countries
also but it happens a lot in India, she claimed and opined that this
may give them one or two works but afterwards spoils them.

She suggested the youngsters that if they have talent, can act, can
dance, can sing, then only they should enter the glamour world, if
they lack it , don’t enter the glamour industry, otherwise no matter
what you do, not going longer.

When asked, if she faced anything of such kind in Indian glamour
world, she disclosed, “I don’t want to name them, but I had meetings
with big Producers and Directors in Mumbai and with some I found there
is something fishy going on and I told them, just stop it right there,
if you want me you have to want my talent, this is the only thing you
can get out of me”.

Born in 1984, Mashad, IRAN, Iranain /canadian Citizen, started
modeling in 2000 in Istanbul /Turkey.
Awarded as Miss Iran 2009 in New York CG Intel Compitition . Released
her first music album on 2010 “DAFFI.” Awarded as the Best New talent
actress & Director in 2009 @ ADFF 2009
for her short Film “Green Signal”.

MESSAGE: We have to tolerate and accept the challenge, no matter what
colour, belief, skin colour we have, we have to accept the difference,
we are different and we have to accept people are different. Everybody
should think the same way, it is not possible, if I want to live my
life in my way, I have a right to do it, unless and until it hurts the
society. We have to tolerate, accept each other, we are different in
our thinking and we have to accept that.


Indian women are more oppressed, shy. They don’t speak laud, they
don’t say no, in general even in Delhi, in Mumbai.
Conflicts are more in the Muslims areas of the world as they want
others to live the way they want.



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