Visit our old friends

Some of them are mega, while some of them are small. Some of them are cruel, while some of them are meek. Some of them run fast, while some of them run slowly. They are humans’ old friends – Dinosaurs.

Lily Cheung

By Lily  Cheung /HongKong
Dağ Medya/

Not: Haberin Türkçesi Haftaya Yayınlacaktır. 



 Recently, there is an exhibition of Dinosaurs which is held by Hong Kong History Museum. It inspires me a lot! It is the best dinosaur exhibition I haven’t seen before.

There is an interactive zone for visitors to interact with a dinosaur, so that visitors can know more about dinosaur’s behaviors. You just need to touch its jaw, top of the head and nose by a sense stick. Then it response you with growl, sneeze and happy. It is different from just providing you a board which tells you how it behaved in words. And it strengthens my memories too!


 And the most attractive thing is, the majority of dinosaur fossils are real! We not only can see some incredible fossils, but also try to be an archaeologist. There is another interactive zone for people to dig out fossils. Projectors show some images on the table, and you just use your hands to weep the table, in order to “dig out” the fossils. It is great for us to learn how exactly those archaeologists work every day.

This exhibition will be ended in April 2014. So, if you are interested in dinosaurs, don’t miss this exceptional chance!




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