IREX Launches New China Data Journalism Program

IREX is pleased to announce the start of the China by the Numbers Data Journalism Project.  This project will equip enterprising Chinese journalists with tools for data analysis and support them to produce hard-hitting, evidence-based news content. This will help provide citizens with quality information in easily understood formats.


“Using data transforms something abstract into something everyone can understand and relate to,” writes Mirko Lorentz for the Data Journalism Handbook.  Data journalism allows reporters to show what a development will mean for everyone in society and how events are connected.  For Chinese journalists, data journalism means having the tools to weigh the many official and unofficial sources of news they are able to access.

“Through this program, journalists will be introduced to new media techniques and technologies,” said Drusilla Menaker, Senior Media Advisor at IREX.  “They will emerge with more ways to bring citizens the news they need to be informed and engaged.”

IREX and its Chinese media partners will host a series of workshops for over 100 journalists and media professionals to train them in data journalism.  After the workshops, the journalists will have the support of an alumni network and targeted resources to enable them to bring data journalism skills to their own work and media outlets.  Resources will include a manual on data journalism developed for Chinese journalists and ongoing professional development in the form of seminars and expert forums.




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