Is Hong Kong Education dying?

Hong Kong Authority of Education has carried out “Liberal Study” for a several years already. But according to the public examination report of Liberal Study this year, we discover that Hong Kong students don’t have enough spaces to explore their knowledge under this course.

Lily Cheung

By Lily  Cheung /HongKong
Dağ Medya/

“Liberal Study” is a course which let secondary students to widen their horizons in different domains. Such as, Sense of Identity, Global development, Environmental issues, etc. If you can’t get a good grade in this course, you can’t propose to university for sure.


Teachers always think that examination is a must in learning. Under this “theory”, it means there are standard answers for every domain in Liberal Study. So, students must remember all standard answer in every domain, if they want to get a high mark in this course. As a result, students get a good study result, but they don’t have their own point of view towards the world.


According to the public examination report of Liberal Study this year, there was a question about the relationship between Hong Kong people and people from Mainland China. Students, who quoted events which show the negative side, got low mark; while, students, who mentioned events which show the positive side, got a good mark.

From my point of view, it brings no benefits to the pillar of our society. Do we really need standard answers in a course which aim to let students widening their horizons? The case that I am covering now is just the tip of the iceberg. I think Hong Kong education style still has rooms for improvement. I will share more to you all next time.



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