Ghosts say Help

Did you all have a fun time at Halloween? Some people might have fun with friends at Halloween Parties which were held by theme parks. But, have you all ever imaged how hard those “Ghosts” were suffering in theme parks?

Lily Cheung

By Lily  Cheung /HongKong /Dağ Medya

Recently, one of the two theme parks held a series of Halloween events. Many staffs of that theme park dressed up and made up like ghosts. But their working conditions were unfair.


For example, they forced to work less than 18 hours a week. According to Hong Kong Labour Law, employers no need to provide employees labour indemnification, if they work less than 18 hours a week.

In this way, they could get any holidays and health care. So, majority of them claimed that it was ridiculous. Some of the employees protested at Halloween, in order to express their angriness. They hoped 2 theme parks in Hong Kong care their employees even they just work for one festival.

Those “Ghosts” colour the atmosphere in theme parks, but we should care their needs. They have rights to be happy at Halloween, too.

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