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“Are you serious?” People always ask this question after they know what my hobbies are. Everyone have their exceptional hobbies, someone like collecting stamp, someone like collecting coins, someone like collecting antiquaries, etc. However, these hobbits are very common. Do you want to know what my hobby is? I like collecting erasers!

I like collecting erasers because of my Chinese teacher. When I was 7 years old, my study result was so bad. My classmates always laughed at me, they didn’t want to sit next to me. Everyone looked down at me, even my class teacher.

Once, my Chinese test result was improved 15 marks, although I still failed of the test. I thought my Chinese teacher would punish me, however, she didn’t! She told me to come out, and stand in front of the class. She gave me an eraser, it was a butterfly in rainbow color. It was very beautiful! I couldn’t believe my eyes, my Chinese teacher gave me a present! She said that I had a great improvement in this test, and she would like to encourage me. I picked up my confidence form that moment.

In fact, all children want to have a good study result. Sometime they don’t have a great improvement, but they have already work hard. Teachers and parents should not punish them, even they don’t pass in test or exam. If you keep on encourage them, they will do better after they build up their confidence.

Now, collecting eraser become a part of my life. Every time when I look at my erasers, I remember the day my Chinese teacher encouraged me to do better.



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