Dag Media Jammu-Kashmir Correspondent Ajmer Alam Wani’s News: “Kashmir Valley has huge potential of Adventure Tourism”



First of its Kind Menus Adventurous equipment outlet in India inaugurated at Chindilora

CHANDILORA(TANGMARG):  Adventure Tourism in Kashmir Valley has a huge
potential and every step are being taken by the government to tap this
potential in a big way for boosting blooming  tourism industry in J&K.
The was stated by Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Ghulam Hassan Mir,
today while inaugurating the first of its Kind Menus Adventurous
Equipment outlet in India at Chindilora, Tangmarg this afternoon.
Principal Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering Gulmarg, Colonel
J.S Dhillon was also present on the occasion.

The Minister said boosting of Adventure Tourism in valley is the need
of the hour as it infuses a momentum in our economy.  “ with
flourishing  of Adventure  business  in J&K particularly in Valley,
there is a large scope of opening of  Adventure  equipment outlet  on
rental services  or sale near the world class tourist resorts of
Gulmarg, Pahalgam , Sonmarg to facilitate foreign and domestic
tourists”, he said. He said “till date the domestic and foreign
tourist procure these equipments from abroad but now they can get it
on rented basis as well as buy it near the world famous tourist resort
Saying that slopes of Gulmarg are famous across the globe, Mr Mir said
this rental service facility would encourage the local talent of
valley in adventurous tourism and helps us their hidden potential in
Mountaineering Climbing, Heli Skiing, campaigning and water sports and
rescue. He said valley is full with natural adventure spots and asked
the youth to go for it with zeal and dedication to make J&K at the top
of Adventurous tourism sport.
Asking for opening of such more outlets near tourist resorts of the
state, the Minister said by opening of Adventure business out let has
paved the means and ways of creating employment for many of our local
During the inauguration, the Minister and colonel Dhillon  were
informed , the outlet has  high end equipments for high altitudes,
Winter war fare equipments, Mountain war fare equipments along with
survival and medical equipments and  other necessary equipments for
Adventurous tourism sport.
Principal Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering Gulmarg, Colonel
J.S Dhillon said on this occasion that it is a good beginning and
hoped that more youths would come forward to open such outlets to
harness the potential of local youth in adventurous tourism sport. He
said our institute is working in this direction to provide training to
the students of various institutes in Skiing, climbing, mountaineering
and water sports.



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