Dag Media Jammu-Kashmir Correspondent Ajmer Alam Wani’s News: Gujjars resent concealing of their history

JK Gujjars write to  Union Ministry of Human Resources  Development on concealing of their History

SRINAGAR: The Gujjar-Bakerwal Scheduled Tribes of Jammu and Kashmir
on Sunday strongly pleaded to Union Ministry of Human Resources
Development to include all rudiments factors of  “Gujjar Pritihara
Period” (6th-11th Centaury AD) in curriculum books of Indian History
prepared different agencies to taught students reading in  different

In a letter sent though Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation-a
Frontal Organization of Gujjars to Kapil Sibal ,Union Minister Human
Resources Development   the community  expressed strong resentment
against concealing of  significant details of ‘Gujjar Era’    in new
books of History published by University Grant Commission and State
Boards of School Education including the main body- National Council
of Educational Research and Trainings (NCERT).

They sought intervention of Minister and demanded a strong direction
to all text book publishers  including all Boards, University
commissions  and Councils to portray an  accurate and factual picture
of ‘Gujjar Era’ in  India in all books of History prepared by them to
taught learners.

Giving details about the communiqué , Dr.Javaid Rahi , Secretary
Tribal Foundation told that some important parts of History of Gujjar
era were  missing in the  books prepared by UGC, NCERT ,CBSE and Other
Boards to thought students. We have written a detailed letter to Union
HRD Ministry for immediate intervention in the issue.

We  solicited  a direction  from  Government of India to all agencies
publishes books that are used in government and private schools across
India as curriculum for immediate inclusion of some significant facts
said  , Dr Rahi and added that  we have also urged to stop concealing
the things related to our tribal identity .

In  letter, he said , we have also identified some concealed and
distorted parts appeared in some books published by University Grant
Commission, National Council of Educational Research and Trainings ,
School Boards of States, .

The communication reads that the organisation had already wrote to
Union Minister of Culture to  declare  the main historical Forts,
Temples, Coins  and other Arts built by Gurjara-Pratihara kings as
“Protected Monuments of India”. We have also sent a list of most
threaten monuments of Gujjar Period to Government of India with an
appeal  for immediate steps for their restorations, Rahi said.

The Gurjara Pratihara Empire- formed an Indian  dynasty that ruled
much of Northren India  from the 6th to the 11th centuries. At its
peak of prosperity and power (c. 836–910), it rivaled or even exceeded
the Gupta Empire  in the extent of its territory. The Gurjara
Pratihara king in the tenth century was entitled as Maharajadhiraja of



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